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Free LiveSupportAP LiveSupportAP is a simple application, which allows you to exchange messages, images, sounds and files with visitors to your web page and with recipients of your e-mail. You can download LiveSupportAP here.
The distinguishing feature is that your friends or visitors can chat with you immediately without having to download or install this LiveSupportAP or any other program. Also you don't have to add any files to you web site - just add a link. If someone wants to chat with you he/she clicks the link and Chat Window will be opened immediately.
Frequently asked questions

You can use it for free since it shows small banner on your web page (non-adult, non-illegal content). If you don't want this banner please register LiveSupportAP here.

Features Non-registeredRegistered
Chat with visitor who is behind firewall or proxy YesYes
NewCustomer is connected to your chat software directly, so this service is very fast and never get overloaded even when multiple chats are going simultaneously. YesYes
NewVisitor is not prompted to download or install any software YesYes
NewVisitor is not required to run ActiveX, Java or accept cookies YesYes
Messages are sent encrypted YesYes
Redirect visitor to another department (read more...) YesYes
Number of visitors you can talk to simultaneously(read more...) anyany
NewSupport any language in Chat YesYes
Sends prerecorded responses YesYes
Saves chat and visitors to logs YesYes
Plays sound on visitor's computer YesYes
Sends image or web page YesYes
Sends and receives files YesYes
Allows you to use custom text in "Chat Window" (any language) YesYes
Audio and visual alerts YesYes
Allows to block visitor who is bothering you YesYes
Change name used in chat YesYes
Allows to specify IP address and Port on your computer YesYes
Simple to use YesYes
Tested against all known viruses YesYes
System resources used less than 1%less than 1%

Our banner on your web page YesNo
Counts number of visitors to web page in real time YesNo
Shows on which web page is visitor at the moment YesNo
Show status on your web page(Online/Offline) NoYes
Logo in Chat Window LiveSupportAP LogoCustom Logo
NewShows who is the visitor and which software he/she is using YesNo
NewCustom interface you chose NoYes
Multiple operators allowed (read more...) NoYes
Permanent user ID (read more...) NoYes
Web site monitoring and reporting (read more...) 1 site8 sites
Registration fee Free Register here

Download shareware Click here to download LiveSupportAP now
Download shareware Click here to read more how to setup LiveSupportAP

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