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System requirements: WIN 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP, Internet access

Download file size: 0.3 Mb

Virus free shareware Full description

Advatrack monitors the location of your computer on the Internet so it can be found when it is lost or stolen.
After specified time period passed Advatrack agent looks for an Internet connection and, when it finds one, it makes a short connection to our server, which detects location of the computer and saves it.
You can specify period of time between connections during setup(recommended daily).
Monitoring report is available online.
This report contains information where and when the computer was connected to the Internet so you can detect unauthorized use of the computer too. Also it contains volume serial number and all available information about last known Internet connection.
This process does not interfere with any PC work and can't be detected by regular means.
You can access your online report from any computer or that report can be emailed to you.
Advatrack has been tested against all known computer viruses.

HD formatting.

In case the program's files are deleted Advatrack will continue to function and report the location of the computer, once it is connected to the Internet or to the phone jack. Additionally, in many cases Advatrack will survive hard disk formatting. Of course there is no 100% guarantee - it depends how the files were deleted or how HD formatting was performed. We are obviously very reluctant to provide technical details here, simply because we do not want to give any clue on how to remove Advatrack from a stolen computer.

Using "calling back" feature.

When the computer is not connected to the Internet for 5 days (whether it is stolen or not) and is unable to report it's location it will start looking for a phone line connection. After finding any phone line connection - it will silently dial phone number(s) you specified during installation of AP. We do recommend that you use more than 1 phone number (E.g. work and home phone numbers).
If your phone number is for example 415-444-4444 than you can enter following list of phone numbers: "444-4444,415-444-4444,1-415-444-4444". One of these calls will go through depending from which location(local, interstate or international) the call is made and two other calls will not.
When you receive such a call you will hear a ticking sound (like digit 8 is pressed on the phone). Call Display can be used to detect phone number from where the call was made. If phone number is unlisted, private or you are unable to detect it - call police immediately after receiving this call and they will detect that number.
(Police are able to detect number of last caller. Also phone service providers can give you an option to return call to last caller.)

How to uninstall Advatrack.

To uninstall the program, access Advatrack settings, and click on "Uninstall" button.

This is a shareware. It means that you can download it now and use free during the evaluation. After that, you should either register it if you found it useful, or delete the program from your computers.

What to do if computer is lost or stolen

First, inform the police or your security company of loss or theft. Then click on the red button below (or on our homepage) and fill in Lost computer report form.

The emergency monitoring will be activated. When the location of the computer is detected we will forward this information to local police or your security company (you specify in that form) so that they can obtain a warrant to go in and recover computer. Read more...

Different IP address for your computer

Keep in mind that every time a connection to the Internet is made, new IP address could be assigned to your computer. However this information (IP address, caller phone number and time of connection) is recorded to the report. So, to trace user of your computer, you have to provide both: IP address and connection time (this information can be found in report).


Autoinstallation feature allows you to install the program on many computers automatically. To use this feature you should unzip setup files to a diskette and create on this diskette an additional file "autoinst.txt". This file must contain the list of names and e-mails that will be used during installation.

Than you just insert diskette, click on SETUP_AN.EXE and program will be installed with name/email from first line and that first line will be deleted from file "autoinst.txt". So when you insert the diskette in to second computer - it will install the program with next name/email.


The price is available at Registration page


After the end of the evaluation period unregistered user should register the program or uninstall it.
To use the program after the end of evaluation period you must enter registration code obtained at registration page.
To enter this code,
access Advatrack settings and click on "Enter registration code" button.
After entering registration code the program will connect to our database online and register your name and email.
You can't enter this registration code for the second time because it will be disabled after registering your name and email.
If you reinstall the program you must use registered name/email during installation (no letter can be changed).
If you want change name and/or email address registered with Advatrack later, you must change it twice:
1- in registered users database (you can do it online at change.htm);
2- inside program installed on your computer (uninstall the program and then reinstall it with new name/email).

Registration problem

First, make sure you are using latest version of Advatrack which can be downloaded from download.htm
If you have downloaded Advatrack from other source it could be an old version (to check version of the Monitoring agent installed on your computer access Advatrack settings and click on "About").
To reinstall the program you must use registered name/email (no letter can be changed).

In case you receive Reminders to Register after you registered the program it means that you are still using unregistered name/email. Then you have 2 options:
1) enter registration code;
2) If you have already entered registration code before and it is now disabled - you must change registered name/email as below;

Change Name/Email

If you want change name and/or email address registered with Advatrack, you must change it twice:
1- in registered users database (you can do it online at change.htm);
2- inside program installed on your computer (uninstall the program first and then reinstall it with new name/email).

Discover new generation of computer protection programs

Advatrack makes theft of computers less profitable, so crime really does not pay.


If you have any trouble, please, email us

How to access Advatrack settings.

After installation Advatrack runs undetectably and you may have problem to access program's settings. You have following choices:
1) if you created icon on desktop during installation - doubleclick on the icon;
2) go to "Start|Run" and run command line you recorded during installation
(if you do not remember this command line - go to "Online report | More Info" and click on "Email command line");
3) if you are using unregistered version - reminder to register will be shown once in 5 days; you can access setting from this reminder.

No unlawful or prohibited use

As a condition of your use of this shareware, you guarantee that you will not use it for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by the terms and conditions of the License agreement.

License agreement

By downloading this software, you agree to abide by the terms of this END USER AGREEMENT

Distribution status

Freely distributable

Contact information

address: Advatrack, 2938 Dundas W #694 Toronto, Ontario , Canada, M6P 4E7
Support online: Live chat at the top of this page

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