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We do not accept reports from unregistered users
Emergency monitoring First, inform the police or your security company of loss or theft. Then fill in form below, so emergency monitoring will be activated. Once lost computer is connected to the Internet IP address will be detected. We will use this IP address to get street address and phone number of Internet Provider which provided this connection and forward this information to local police or your security company (if you specify in form below). The Internet Provider's management will determine the name and street address of the person using your computer. In most cases they will disclose that information to police only - so police assistance is required.

Registered Username:
Registered e-mail address:
Date/time when computer was lost:
Crime report number:
(obtained from police)
Lost computer owner:
(as reported to police)
Name of police officer, who investigates your case:
(obtained from police)
E-mail address(es) where report will be sent after detecting computer location
You may enter more than one address when separated by comas
(it is recommended to enter e-mail of police officer who investigates the case obtained from police)
Phone number of the police officer
(obtained from police)
Specify other security company where you would like us to send that information (optional)

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